organic cotton

The Importance of Organic Cotton


              The main difference is really how it’s made. The process of making conventional cotton actually uses many different harmful chemicals and toxins that don’t leave the cotton once it is made into baby clothing and blankets. This means that when you tuck your baby away in their favorite onesie, you’re actually wrapping them in factory produced, chemical-ridden materials.

Organic cotton is made by a much more complex system. However, it does not use any of the harmful chemicals and toxins that conventional cotton does – hence the reason for the more complex system in order to override all of those chemicals.Everything from the seeds to the final dying and printing is different between the two methods of processing cotton. With organic cotton, the seeds are organic, the soil in which the cotton grows is all chemical-free, the insect control is elaborate but remains toxin-free, and even the harvesting process is much more delicate.That being said, the difference between organic cotton and conventional cotton is really everything. Organic cotton is simply made and processed naturally and without any harsh chemicals, unlike conventional cotton. This is why organic cotton baby clothes is a much better choice for your child.


            Did you know that an infant’s skin can be up to 5 times thinner and more sensitive than an adult’s? An infant’s skin is also much more absorbent than ours as well. This means that when you put conventional cotton on your baby, they are much more likely to absorb any toxic materials and are more likely to have skin irritation because of the sensitivity.Organic cotton clothes are important for your baby because you really want to limit their irritants and exposure to chemicals when they’re developing. This will not only keep them healthier and help them develop more natural, but it will also keep them a lot more comfortable due to limiting the irritants around them.