organic baby garments

Why is Organic the Best for Your Baby?

                 Now that we know the main difference between organic cotton and conventional cotton, here are 6 reasons for why you should be switching to organic clothing and bedding for your precious baby.

It Lasts Longer

Unlike conventional cotton, organic cotton lasts longer. Instead of having to buy a new set of baby sleepsuits every month, one good quality sleepsuit will last you for years. This is because organic cotton’s resilient fibres have not been damaged by chemicals during the growing and weaving process. That makes the quality superior No matter how many times you wash it, or your baby wears it, it will age gracefully.

It’s Free from Toxic Chemicals

We have already talked about the chemicals used in the growing and processing of conventional cotton. Let’s discuss that some more It is extremely important for babies to sleep in bedding and wear clothing that is chemical free. This is because baby skin is 5 times thinner, more absorbent and more sensitive than adult skin. Therefore, a baby’s skin absorbs toxic chemicals faster and is more likely to develop skin irritations and allergies. If dressed in conventional cotton, babies inhale the chemical residues from the fibres as they sleep. By switching to organic you can rest easy, knowing your child is not inhaling anything toxic.

Organic Cotton is Softer and More Comfortable

Organic cotton is naturally a very soft fibre. But when drenched in chemicals it often loses its soft touch and becomes coarse and scratchy, which causes discomfort. When a baby is itchy, they become restless. By switching to organic, you’re maximising your baby’s comfort and ensuring they stay cosy and itch-free, wrapped in soft clothing and bedding. When taken care of properly, organic cotton can get softer with every wash.

It’s Better for Your Baby’s Skin

Organic cotton is gentle and kinder to a baby’s skin. As the material is soft and free from chemicals, there is less of a chance of your child developing skin conditions such as eczema, dermatitis and skin allergies. As organic cotton always keeps its natural state, it makes it mould resistant and antimicrobial too.It’s Better for The Environment Conventional cotton damages a lot of the surrounding wildlife and plants.

 It also wastes enormous amounts of water.

As the pesticides and insecticides are sprayed, the residue leaks into local rivers, trees and vegetations that wildlife eat and drink from to survive. Treated cotton seeds are often ingested by animals causing them to fall ill or die. Organic cotton, on the other hand, is far better for the environment and wildlife. No chemicals are used, and farmers recycle rain water so water from conservations isn’t wasted.

   It’s Better for Farmers

Organic cotton is not only better for your baby’s health and for the environment, it is also better for the farmers that grow the cotton. The farmers aren’t exposed to any harmful chemicals and don’t inhale any pesticides and insecticides. They also aren’t forced into debt from purchasing expensive GMO seeds. That means they enjoy farming a lot more!